WOW! what an adventure … and a complete failure


In December 2010, we are the proud owner of a Manor in Mangawhai, New Zealand. And have a party with journalists who note one of them that according to the surveyor granting us the the Code of Compliance “that he has never seen in his career such an achieved craftmanship”…

So that you have an idea of our place refer to the picture above:

And now the story begins:

23rd of May 2013, after a strong vibration located at the chimney of our Manor in a few days complete delamination of decorative Cerastone from cement board substrate has for consequence the fall of 90% of the stones.

19th of June 2013, a meeting between Stutex’s  representatives builder and installer is organized. The minutes of the meting recognized that we have a 30 year warranty period on the stones provided by a Korean manufacturer and a  5 year warranty on installation…

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